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JUST IN: Major Retailer Makes MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT About Ivanka Trump’s Brand

Nordstrom announced they will stick by Ivanka Trump amid liberal calls for a boycott of her brand.

Co-President, Pete Nordstrom said in a statement,

“We’ve heard from customers, including some who are long time loyal customers, threatening a boycott of Nordstrom if we continue to carry the line. Similarly, we’ve heard from customers who say they will boycott Nordstrom if we stop carrying the brand”

“All the products sold at the department store are selected by their results and Ivanka’s brand has grown to be a sizable and successful business.”

Results matter. Liberals better get used to it, because their fairy tale version of the world is over. Caput. Done.

Talk, like a boycott, is cheap. Numbers don’t lie. Results matter.

A new world for all liberals starts Jan 20th. I doubt they are ready.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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