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JUST IN: Melania Makes MAJOR Announcement About Inauguration – IT’S HAPPENING

Clock’s ticking so fast and Trump’s inauguration is almost here.People simply cannot hide their excitement and joy and are just impatient  to see it,and have high hopes and expectations of  our new president and the first lady Melania Trump.People are curious as well to see what kind of outfit will they be wearing.

Daily Mail reported that Melania is believed to be wearing an outfit designed by American designer Ralph Lauren. This came after she wore a $4,000 white Ralph Lauren pantsuit on Election Night.

Ironically, Lauren was Hillary Clinton’s favorite designer throughout her presidential campaign. He designed the white pantsuit that she wore at the Democratic National Convention, as well as several of her other outfits that she donned on the campaign trail.

Melania plans to wear an outfit designed by Lauren during the day on Friday. She will then change into a gown for the inauguration balls that night. Insiders have also said that Lauren’s staffers are working on outfits for other members of the Trump family.

There is very little information available as to what Donald Trump himself is planning to wear to the inauguration. Brioni, his favored brand of Italian suits, told reporters that they have not made a custom outfit for the inauguration.

Though many fashion designers promised to boycott designing for Melania when her husband first won the election, they appear to have changed their tunes now. Top fashion insider Jean Shafiroff, who sits on the New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s Couture Council Of The Museum, recently said that Zac Posen, B Michael America, Victor de Souza and Zang Toi would all be willing to dress Melania.

Nevertheless,we are all well aware that clothes don’t make man,which certainly applies on Donald Trump,because he is a great honorable man and so is his wife and they will make our country better no matter what are they wearing.


Source: Proud-patriots

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