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JUST IN: New Law Gives Cops Ammunition to DESTROY Black Lives Matter Permanently… TRUMP’S SMILING!

It’s only been a few days since Trump’s inauguration but states are already following their new law and order leader. Many states are increasing penalties for people who attack first responders, including police, firefighters and paramedics.

The penalties should effectively end the anti-police black lives matter movement. Stop it dead in its tracks. Missouri, where Ferguson gave rise to black lives matter in the first place is the first state to test the new idea. Other states will follow.

One example of the new penalties, the old punishment for second-degree assault was from one day in jail to seven years depending on the circumstances. The new punishment if you assault a cop it’s 10 to 30 years or a life sentence.

Blue lives matter too. If you don’t respect them you may end up locked up for a long time.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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