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JUST IN: Obama AG Loretta Lynch Caught Redhanded Committing FEDERAL CRIME – SHE’S GOING DOWN

Very much in the news this week has been President Donald Trump’s tweets over the weekend about Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. His tweets showed him to be livid over this outrageous act. Liberals, Democrats, and anyone else who is anti-Trump has loudly stated that the current President is nuts. Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis stated “neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen,” adding “any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

Also in the news this week has been some terms many had never heard before. FISA Court. FISA Warrant. The FISA Court came into existence in 1978 pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. A FISA Warrant is a legal warrant issued from a judge sitting with that court.

But what else do we know about the FISA Court?

It is physically located in Washington D.C.

The FISA Court hears and decides on applications for approval of investigative actions of foreign intelligence, such as electronic surveillance and physical search. The applications are submitted by the federal government, usually the FBI or NSA.

The court rarely turns down an application submission. How rare? According to ABC News, from 2009 through 2015, out of 10,700 applications, one was denied in its entirety and one was denied partially.

It is comprised of eleven federal judges, who must be chosen from a minimum of seven of the eleven United States judicial districts, and are picked by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each of the judges serves a maximum term of seven years.

Chief Justice John Roberts has served as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court since September 2005, and as such, would have selected every judge on the court currently there. Chief Justice Roberts took a radically supportive position on Obamacare, so it may be a bit concerning that he has chosen each current judge.

The Attorney General of the United States must sign off on every application that is to go before the court. During 2016, the AG was Loretta Lynch.

Loretta Lynch, who produced a video a recent video calling for doing anything and everything possible to deny the policies of the Trump presidency, to the point of marching, bleeding, and dying, was the one in charge of signing off on any warrant to wiretap Donald Trump!

So a warrant to wiretap Donald Trump was brought before an Attorney General who must have licked at the thought wiretapping Trump, which then went before FISA Court that virtually never denies such a warrant!

H/T  Conservativeworlddaily

An almost rigged system. And the depth of the corruption of Obama, his administration, and the Democrats is fully exposed.

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