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JUST IN: Obama Reveals His Sick Plan To OVERTHROW Trump…It’s HORRIBLE!!!

Obama’s intends are very clear. Seems like he won’t give up his attempts to overthrow President Trump. Now, he is encouraging the anti-Trump supporters to continue with their protests.

Infowars reported that Obama is now living in a new home in Washington D.C, which is located just two miles from the White House and from there, his “command center”  he will be managing the activities of an army of more than 30,000 anti-Trump activists. These group of protesters is accountable for many of the protests and riots that have happend around the nation in recent days.

The army behind Obama is a part of the organization that “grew out of Obama’s first presidential campaign” known as “Organizing for Action” which has 250 local chapters around the country.

The movement Organizing for Action with liberal partners like the Center for American Progress,Planned Parenthood and  are currently planning 400 health care-focused events in 42 states just to save Obamacare. The activists were organizators of the anti-Trump protests, which many of them have turned into violent riots.

On Sunday President Donald Trump spoke on leaked transcripts and slammed down the members of Obama’s administration who have leaked information about private phone conversations he had with leaders of Australia and Mexico.

“It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country. It’s a very dangerous thing for this country,” he told FoxNews

“I just want a safe country, and you can’t have a safe country with open and weak borders…you can’t,” he said.

Unfortunately seems like not all of the Americans want safe country. Some of our people are brainwashed by the Liberals who are leading them into protests riots and violations.

Our President needs to protect himself and the nation from Obama and his people who can cause a huge damage to our country!…

H/T Conservative-info

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