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JUST IN: Parents of Charlie Gard Get Brain Scan Results… BIG News Released

The Charlie Gard case is another powerful example of everything wrong with Europe. Their Socialist-Globalist system has made it so that the parents of this poor child are forced to accept the ruling of European death courts that want their baby pulled off life support.

However, there’s now hope for the Gard family. An American doctor flew out to London to examine the infirm child. He found that there’s a significant chance of Charlie recovering–and the courts might reconsider their ruling as a result! (via Daily Mail)

Dr. Michio Hirano of New York’s Columbia University is a highly-respected neuroscientist who specializes in mitochondrial depletion syndrome, the condition with which Charlie is afflicted.

Dr. Hirano examined Charlie at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). He was joined by a doctor from the Pope’s Hospital in Rome. What Dr. Hirano found completely contradicted the conclusions of British doctors.

The staff at GOSH had completely written off little Charlie Gard. It’s why they petitioned the government to pull the baby off life support without the parents’ consent–a petition the courts granted them!

Dr. Hirano asserts Charlie has between 11 and 56 percent chance of improving under his specialized treatment. Hirano has worked with many patients who share Charlie’s rare illness. No one beats American doctors!

Hirano was granted an honorary contract giving him the same status as local clinicians, which allows him to examine Charlie and have full access to the hospital’s records, facilities, and systems. High Court Judge Nicholas Francis said he’d be open to changing his decision based on Hirano’s findings.

Charlie’s fate will be determined in a hearing next Tuesday. Dr. Hirano claims certain experimental drugs have the chance of improving Charlie’s condition. Ultimately, however, it’s up to Judge Francis whether to keep or retract his ruling ordering Charlie’s death.

This entire fiasco shows why the American health care system–based on the free market and competition–is infinitely better than what they have in Socialist Europe. In the USA, we give people CHOICE. Charlie’s parents are robbed of the choice of keeping their child on life support. The government decided the baby must die. Its decision is final.

Moreover, it’s very telling that it took an American doctor to find that little Charlie can still be saved. Our free market system brings out the best in all our specialists. Competition is a powerful motivator in the development of talent. Our doctors are light years ahead of their European counterparts. Let’s hope the European courts listen to reason.

The Gard family is doing what any sane parent would. The hospital says the parents are “prolonging Charlie’s suffering.” How would they know? And how do they know what Charlie would want? Every human being, no matter how small, has the impulse to LIVE!

Sometimes treatment is painful but ask all the patients–including children–who struggled through painful therapy to beat illnesses like cancer. They will tell you it was worth it.

I doubt these corrupt European judges would rule the same if it were their kids. In any case, Charlie and his parents have the support of Americans. Even President Trump has offered his help. Let’s keep Charlie Gard in our prayers.

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