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JUST IN: President Trump DRAINS The Swamp… New Ban Has Liberals SCREAMING!

Trump has done so much in his first days in office that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.

What with the wall to wall media meltdown over Trump’s implementation of his aggressive (and long overdue) changes to America’s immigration system, it’s understandable that one of his other efforts has been largely overlooked. In keeping with his campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” this latest move forever rewrites the way business is done in Washington, DC and beyond.

Back at the founding, American politicians were meant to be citizen legislators who would serve the public for a proscribed time then return to their farms and other civilization businesses. For the last fifty years, elected officials have instead turned their government experience to private gain, amassing considerable wealth as consultants and lobbyists. That is now coming to an end.

Time magazine reports:

President Donald Trump signed a lifetime foreign-lobbying ban for members of his administration Saturday, as well as a five-year ban for all other lobbying.

The lobbying ban was a central component of Trump’s campaign pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C., though his commitment to the slogan has wavered. Trump has hired top donors to his campaign for administration jobs, while relying on industry lobbyists for both his transition and administration staff. (…)

Speaking to reporters earlier Saturday, a senior administration official confirmed that the ban wouldn’t keep lobbyists from joining the administration. “It’s not about your past, it’s about your future,” the official said.

No wonder Beltway establishment types on the right and the left hate Donald Trump so much. By setting this example, he has taken the first step in destroying the main source of wealth for themselves and their families.

While the existence of lobbyists and other such establishment jobs are still firmly entrenched, Trump’s ban will hopefully signal a sea change in the way things are done among America’s elites.

Source: Time

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