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Just In: PRO-TRUMP Rally Breaks Out in Unlikely Place, Then Reporter Notices What People Are Carrying…

There has been a lot of coverage of protests against President Donald Trump.

But here’s a little coverage of a pro-Trump rally.

A courageous place to hold it as well, in the heart of New York City, outside Trump Tower, in deep-blue liberal pro-Hillary Clinton land.

Bryan Llenas, of Fox News, interviewed some of the people at the rally.

He was so used to dealing with protesters he mistakenly referred to the pro-Trump people as “protesters.”

He noted that the rally participants were tired of the protests. Some were even carrying pacifiers and called protesters “babies.”

Here’s another angle of the rally, where one can see more of the people.

There were people of diverse ethnic backgrounds as one might find in New York including people carrying signs that said “Jews for Trump,” “Women For Trump,” and “Pakistani-Americans For Trump.”

Protesters sought on Twitter to protest the pro-Trump rally.

A small group of anti-Trump people did show up (without an American flag) but the two groups were kept separate.

So the pro-Trump rally folks got to rally in peace.

H/T: Youngcons

Unlike a liberal protest, there probably was no trash on the ground at the end….

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