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JUST IN! Reba McEntire Challenges Liberals In The Purest Way Ever

Americans recognize Reba McEntire as one of the best things that happened to our music industry. And it turns out that Reba has something to say about all the liberals who spill hate everywhere across the country. Now her message will get to the ears of all the ignorant liberals who hate the President. Her new song is a “must.”

“Cause we’re still worth saving, we can’t go on like this and live like this, we can’t love like this, we gotta give this world back to God,” Reba says in her latest song called “Back to God.”

The strong message should spread everywhere, and we all have to admit that we’re living in a world based on hatred.

People burn flags, destroy private properties, disrespect veterans, fight the police, and threaten to burn the White House. It’s time to restore the faith in all the rioters.

Liberals will never accept Christianity. They would rather spit on each other. Their world is based on the lie that God doesn’t exist, and that everything ends after we die.

Well, forcing someone to believe in God isn’t the right thing to do. But, do they really have to discriminate Christians?

Liberals dare to require that we explain the role of the Bible in the universe.

Let’s be honest, the Bible offers more truth than any philosophy narrated by liberals. It spreads the world of peace and love. The word of forgiveness. It’s our life that matters. Our life and our family. The love we have for each other.

The President promised to help people find their faith in God. He helped people say “Merry Christmas” again. America is based on faith, and we don’t need someone to destroy it.

“You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying,” Reba sings. We need to respect faith in order to save the country.

What do you think about Reba’s song? Do you believe that the President will restore faith?

Source: Worldpoliticus

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