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THIS Was Just Revealed About Hillary’s So-Called ‘Popular Vote Win’, She’s BUSTED!

Liberals try to justify themselves by saying Hillary Clinton should have won because of her success with the popular vote over Donald Trump. Sorry liberals, but your bubble is about to burst.

The results of the 2016 election are in, and it turns out Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because of the number of illegals who illicitly voted for her! 

According to reports, an average of three million votes were cast in by illegal immigrants, with almost all of them in Hillary’s favor. Meaning, she didn’t even win the popular vote. She lost, period.

With these votes acknowledged and tossed aside because they were in violation of the law, Donald Trump won the popular vote over Hillary Clinton by more than one million people.

Also, as we all know, Trump beat Clinton in the Electoral College 306 to 232—in percentages that’s 57 to 43. Trump won more than 30 states, and Hillary didn’t even make 20. The results were 30.25 to 19.75.

Donald Trump beat Hillary with 61 percent of our U.S. states to Hillary’s 39 percent. That’s just sad, and it goes to show the Republican party won fair and square in more ways than previously thought.

Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because of the Democrat party’s illicit voting actions—even with all of their rampant cheating, they still lost to Trump! Trump won 84 percent of the 3,083 counties in the U.S., proving he truly won in a landslide.

This is what happens when liberals stomp their feet and cry out injustice—it’s thrown back in their face. It turns out they were the ones who were causing the injustice, but they still lost in the end. And now, they are pouting like children upon their defeat.

It is because of our Electoral College that Donald Trump is the rightful winner because without it, cheaters like Hillary Clinton would be our president every four to eight years. And liberals want to do away with it?

They only want to get rid of it because it did not give them the result they wanted this time around, and that’s just tough tookus. The Republican party won fair and square, and now liberals cannot claim they won the popular vote because when it’s all said and done, they didn’t.

So, Republicans can sleep well at night knowing that no matter how much liberals throw a fit, they can’t unseat President-elect Donald Trump from his upcoming seat in the White House.

The Democrats did their best—they tried every trick in the book to put Clinton in power, but it wasn’t enough. The American people rose up and elected their president, who defied the odds without cheating and still came out on top when no one thought he could.

It’s time to drain the swamp, and the corrupt Democrat party will finally be hung out to dry. The American people have spoken, and Donald Trump is our president.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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