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JUST IN: Roseanne Barr DESTROYS Every Trump Hater For Life With Just 4 Words

The liberals are still enraged over Trump’s win. They are out protesting, rioting, boycotting – they should be out voting but that is too easy for the liberal. They prefer useless acts of violence to real acts of political resistance. Like the Tea Party did.

Roseanne Barr decided to clarify things for the liberal, she tried to distill down the real issues facing America. That she could do it in 4 words is pretty amazing.

Roseanne took to twitter to remind everyone – democrats (Bernie democrats) and conservatives the hard truth. Her Tweet immediately went viral.

She said,

100% correct. People forget what we were fighting when we elected Trump. Some on the right and even some on the left wanted Trump to move quickly to drain the swamp forgetting that the entrenched interests will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from their lucrative scams.

They will not just give in to the will of the people. Why would they, they have gotten away with ignoring us for so long they are thinking, “this too will pass.”

Except it won’t pass. And republican Congressmen who are still resisting Trump better get on board because if they block Trump’s agenda, the literal will of the people, the problems will fester and we may end up with a socialist like Bernie Sanders in 8 years.

And for liberals like Mike Moore and Alec Baldwin who think they are the resistance remember we don’t care what celebrities think. And as both of you were huge Bernie supporters it is a lie to say you don’t agree with Trump on many issues. Because Trump’s views on trade and protecting the American worker is exactly what Bernie was saying.

Moore is from Flint and made a career out of pretending to stick up for the middle class. Does he really think Hillary would have been better than Trump on jobs? Of course, not, no one does that is why the Trump resistance from both sides is doomed to fail.

H/T Worldnewspolitics

We know the Truth – we (via Trump) are the resistance.

And it’s time for a change in DC.

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