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JUST IN: Trump Invites JAW-DROPPING Guest To White House… Liberals Are Coming Unhinged!

The government of our nation exists to serve the people of this country consistent with the powers granted it by the Constitution and the laws enacted consistent with that document. While it’s desirable to have harmonious relations with other countries, appeasing powerful interests at the expense of Americans is never acceptable. Unfortunately, bowing before foreign powers, both literally and figuratively, is precisely what we got from the Obama administration. This outrage has now ended with the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump.

Mr. Obama has an odd fascination with all things Islamic. This is particularly strange given that he claims he is not a Muslim. If he was, in fact, telling the truth, it would be nice to know why he showed such preference for the Muslim religion, and was so supportive of Muslim immigration into America. This preference was apparent in such things as his refusal to refer to acts of terrorism committed by Muslims as “Islamic terrorism” when that is clearly what it was. One suspects that Mr. Obama has not been particularly forthright with the American people.

President Trump, on the other hand, is very forthright. In fact, some think he is a bit too eager to express his opinions, often in rather blunt ways. Yet his willingness to say what he will regardless of the fallout is part of what appeals to many Americans. When it comes to matters of Islamic terrorism, Mr. Trump is very willing to call things what they are. This also spills over to his relations with other nations, including Israel. In fact, we already see a change in our relation with that country, and it is clear that Mr. Trump is not going to be intimidated by those pushing an Islamic agenda.

Hence it comes as no surprise that, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Donald Trump on Feb. 15 for talks covering a range of security issues.”

As we know, Mr. Obama had a terrible relationship with Mr. Netanyahu. Clearly, much of Israel mirrored many in the US as we counted down the days until Obama was out of office. If Mr. Obama wishes to continue to champion the cause of Islam, that is up to him, but now it will be on his own time. When Mr. Netanyahu was invited for a Joint Session of Congress, Mr. Obama refused to meet with him that day. Now, Mr. Netanyahu will be welcome to the White House by President Trump himself! You can watch Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in March 2015 here:

Perhaps someday we will learn the truth of why he was so willing to give a pass the jihadist element within Islam. In the end, all that matters is that he is out of office, and that we now have a president who is prepared to champion the interests of Americans.

H/T: Americanconservativeherald

President Trump, it seems, arrived just in time.

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