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JUST IN: Trump Says NO MORE – Issues Order to Terminate…

President Trump has made a serious distinction between his administration and the red-taped mess the Obama administration enforced. Trump has just issued an order that will terminate offshore drilling bans that were hurting our country.

The Young Conservatives report that Trump wants to allow oil companies to drill offshore, which they were banned from doing under Obama’s watch.

Liberal environmentalists will undoubtedly oppose the order, screaming and crying about global warming. In reality, as economist Nicholas Loris points out, not only is this a step towards making the U.S. energy independent, but will be beneficial to the environment because we will see a “reduction of oil and gas seepage due to decreases in subsea oil-reservoir pressure.”

Loris writes:

An abundance of untapped energy lies beneath America’s ground and off the coasts. According to a new study from energy consultant Wood Mackenzie, allowing access to domestic resources and imports of Canadian oil would generate more than 1 million jobs by 2018 and more than 1.4 million jobs by 2030.[1] The federal government would stand to benefit tremendously as well, collecting more than $36 billion as soon as 2015 and more than $800 billion by 2030. Also by 2015, an additional 1.3 million barrel of oil equivalents (boe) would reach the market, increasing to 10.4 million boe by 2030.

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

Supporters of the order believe lifting the drilling ban will create jobs and much needed revenue for the United States. The source also reports that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stated in March, that “opening more federal lands and waters to oil and gas drilling” was a pillar of Trump’s plan to make the United States “energy independent.”

Donald Trump needs to replace all of Obama’s failed policies. This is a great step towards American independence!

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