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Kaepernick Gets Epic Dose of Karma, Look What NFL Team Does At Last Minute Instead of Signing Him

Colin Kaepernick has been having a hard time finding a job in the NFL.

Turns out that NFL owners don’t love it when their players disrespect the anthem and support tyrannical dictators.

Who knew!?

Of course, the liberal left has chalked it up to racism because that’s pretty much their excuse for everything.

It was thought that Colin Kaepernick had a shot to be signed by Miami after their starting quarterback was hurt which left the team desperate for a replacement.

Today, we learned that the Miami Dolphins went a different direction and signed 34-year-old Jay Cutler out of retirement.

From ESPN:

The Miami Dolphins and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler agreed to a one-year deal on Sunday, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The one-year deal is worth $10 million, plus up to $3 million in incentives, a source told Schefter.

As you can imagine, liberals are freaking out.

Yeah, Jay Cutler isn’t very good. But, neither is Kaepernick. People seem to forget that Kaepernick lost his job as a starter because he wasn’t very good.

Yahoo! had a solid take on the situation.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Colin Kaepernick was an option, but whether it was his political stances (kneeling for the national anthem, wearing a T-shirt with Fidel Castro on it) or simply a football decision, the job is Cutler’s. Kaepernick remains a free agent as preseason games start in earnest this week.

Fair or not, it’s clear at this point no NFL team really wants Kaepernick. He’ll need another injury to come down for a club to need him. The hiring for any job is about perceived positives outweighing perceived negatives – “perceived” being the operative word.

Kaepernick is struggling to decrease his perceived negatives. His perceived positives though remain another starting QB injury away, when his ability to solve a distressed situation overwhelms whatever some owner or fan base thinks of his social activism. There was a thought that Miami would be that situation. Now he’ll wait for the next one.

Pretty simple guys. No one wants him. It’s not racist. It’s not even unfair. It’s football.

Also, it is interesting to note that Cutler will be reunited with a coach he had a lot of success with in the past.

The bottom line is that if Kaepernick was good he would get a second chance just like Mike Vick and a lot of other players have.

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