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KARMA: After Attacking Trump, This SICK Meryl Streep Footage Leaked and it Could RUIN HER LIFE!

So Everyone is talking about Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump last night. She called Trump an awful person and a bad role model. Well, two video clips have just surfaced from Streep’s past that could RUIN her career!

The first clip is from the 2003 Oscars. Streep starting a standing ovation for a convicted child rapist, Roman Polanski after he won an Oscar. He was unable to be there because he was a fugitive who fled the U.S. to avoid arrest, but she still wanted everyone to stand and applaud!

The second video clip is MUCH more disturbing! After Roman Polanski was finally arrested in 2009, Streep made a shocking statement to an an Italian reporter. She said, “I’m very sorry he’s in jail”… So Trump’s “mocking” someone makes her cry on National TV, but she continues to defend and feel “sorry” for a child rapist?


The video also shows Polanski’s victim describing how he forced her to drink alcohol at 13 and forced himself on her! I CANNOT BELIEVE MERYL STREEP SUPPORTS THIS MAN!

WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral! (The first clip is :09 seconds in and the second clip is :25 seconds in)

This comes after Streep was already exposed for spreading the SICK lie that Trump “mocked” a disabled reporter. Our video we released this morning exposes this media lie. WATCH:

Source: Subjectpolitics

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