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Kathy Griffin Bashed ‘Racist’ Police for Blaming Antifa for Portland Protests — It Backfired

Kathy Griffin chimed in on the recent Portland, Oregon Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protests and shockingly made a fool of herself.

Griffin accused the “largely racist” police force of lying about Antifa involvement in the clashes between protesters in Portland.

During the protests, officers used the sound truck to announce that people must disperse after violence broke out:

This is the Portland Police Bureau.

Officers have observed protesters throwing projectiles, including rocks and bottles. The projectiles were thrown at officers near SW Natio Pkwy and SW Columbia.

All people in this area must immediately disperse. Failure to comply with this order may subject you to arrest or citation and may subject you to the use of riot control agents or impact weapons.


Following this announcement on Twitter, Griffin placed all of the blame for the violence on the officers and the right-wing protesters present:

The problem with Griffin’s accusing the police of lying about Antifa presence is that the Antifa themselves claimed to be there:

Many on Twitter were quick to point out that the average Portland citizen doesn’t dress in black and condone violence:

Others pointed at the hypocrisy of Griffin’s condemning the police for protecting the right-wing protesters after she claimed to need protection following her graphic photoshoot with a fake, beheaded President Trump:

This clash of protesters is part of a month-long series of protests against ICE in Portland. Many believe the protests escalated due to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s refusal to send in police to work with ICE in managing the protesters.

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