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Kelly Clarkson Gets Attacked After Revealing Her New Song Was Inspired By Michelle Obama

Kelly Clarkson, a pop star, just uncovered that her new song was inspired by Michelle Obama. After making this announcement Clarkson face a harsh criticism. She admitted that the lyrics of the song was directly taken from one of Michelle’s speeches.

Kelly Clarkson looks up to the former first lady, but now she is regretting it. On her new album Meaning of Life, Clarkson used Michelle’s “When they go low, we go high” speech in her new song “Go High.”

“When Michelle said that, I was like, ‘That is the perfect idea for this song!’” Clarkson said. “Everyone relates to that. No one has gone through life without relating to, at some point, having to take the high road.”

She also shared an anecdote about her educating her step-daughter how to avoid online hate. But apparently, Kelly forgot that her behavior doesn’t match Obama’s words. She like many celebrities embraced the liberal Hollywood bullshit.

Also, this isn’t the first time she expresses her love for Michele, back in 2016 Kelly wrote on Twitter, “Damn! Just saw @MichelleObama speech at DNC tonight! That was amazing!! Love her.”

The sad thing is, that Clarkson lost her fans just because she couldn’t take a moment and see what they were saying. One wrote, “How could you support a criminal?” And others went even further, “Unfortunately if u check facts lied about Hilary! Shame on people 4 swallowing speeches n not checking facts.”

Now Clarkson’s new album which has the song “Go High” inspired by Michelle is getting a variety of reviews. But Clarkson couldn’t care less, saying, “If someone doesn’t like it, I’m like, ‘Well, obviously, you suck, and have no good taste at all.’”

Clarkson is realizing that her fans are not Obama fans, and said “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are s—ty people out there, unhappy people trying to bring you down because they’re not happy. You’ve just got to take the high road. I know that sucks — no one wants to hear that, you totally want to punch them in the face. But at the end of the day, you doing that is just exerting your energy. They’re not going to care either way.’”

Apparently, her fans care. And that is because Micelle Obama took their money to have a luxurious life or in other words to “Go High.”

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