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Kellyanne Conway Got Her Christmas Present Earlier… LIBS ARE FURIOUS!

Kellyanne Conway is an American Republican campaign manager, strategist, and pollster. On July 1, 2016, Trump announced that he hired Conway for a senior advisory position, which made her the first woman to run a Republican general election presidential campaign. She was expected to advise Trump on how to better appeal to female voters, since he was running against a woman.

Now, she is the first female campaign manager EVER whose candidate became United States President!

But, of course, the mainstream media aren’t saying a thing about this, consciously continuing the ‘liberal war on women’.

However, none of that matters. The liberals can live in their own twisted reality as long as they want.

The big news is – Kellyanne just got her Christmas present, earlier this year. She will be the grand marshal at a holiday parade in her home state!

As reported, Trump’s campaign manager is returning to her native New Jersey to lead Saturday’s Christmas parade in Hammonton – the town where Donald Trump completely destroyed Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election.

According to the Hammonton Fire Department, Conway was raised in Atco and graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton in 1985. She spent summers working at Indian Brand Blueberry Farms before leaving for college in Washington, D.C.

But there’s more incredible news – Conway will also get a key to the city, thus becoming an honorable citizen.

She deserves all of this, since she was supporting our new President every step of the way! And she will continue to do so, helping Trump Make America Great Again!

Congratulations, Kellyanne!

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Source: Supreme Patriot

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