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Kellyanne Conway Just Dispelled A SICK Lie…CNN Is Left Reeling! – BOOM

While nowhere near as thrilling as her boss’s smackdown of the media at his first press conference as president elect, Kellyanne Conway’s face off against CNN’s Anderson Cooper was still a joy to behold.

CNN had been a target of Trump’s wrath at the event, due to their irresponsible coverage of a bizarre story linking him to Russian prostitutes. The story had also appeared on the clickbait site BuzzFeed, a fact which didn’t lend the tale much credibility.

Ever since yesterday, CNN has been trying to distance itself from BuzzFeed, if not necessarily the story itself — a confusing strategy that Cooper did his best to adhere to. But he was no match for Conway, as Independent Journal Review points out:

Cooper went after Conway, complaining that incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was “conflating CNN’s report with BuzzFeed’s,” as Mediaite reported.

When Conway continued to excoriate CNN over its “screaming headline,” she hit Cooper with: “CNN is feeling the heat today.” Cooper returned fire: “I know you guys are feeling the heat.”

Cooper’s tactic was to try to “baffle with b.s.;” the network’s alibi seems to be “we didn’t say it was true, we just linked to BuzzFeed’s article,” which is hardly reassuring.

As Conway pointed out, the incident had even prompted many mainstream outlets, who have normally been hostile to Trump, to condemn CNN’s handling of the story.

Of course, all through the presidential campaign, Trump supporters took to calling CNN the “Clinton News Network.” The cable giant’s eagerness to jump all over a weird, poorly sourced and error-filled rumor about Trump isn’t surprising. It shows they haven’t learned their lesson and don’t even seem to care that ordinary Americans, and now even some of their peers, are crying foul.

The arrogance is remarkable. How long can it last?

Source: Patriotjournal

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