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Kellyanne Conway Just Gave DIRE Warning about Hillary Clinton…She is DONE FOR!!

Hillary Clinton THOUGHT she had gotten lucky. She THOUGHT she would get away with her decades of crimes AND get to be President too. Well bad news Hillary, Donald Trump is about to ruin your plans for good and send you away!

Today Kellyanne went on ‘Good Morning America’ to announce that Donald Trump was not done with Hillary Clinton just yet, especially after the riots and recount.

When the show hosts asked her if there was any chance Trump would still go after Hillary, Conway responded,

“There will be officials who are in charge of such things in the Trump administration who may look at that again.”

OOOh. Very Ominous. I guess Donald Trump is still keeping Hillary in suspense. Maybe his goal is to scare her away from Washington, or possible he is waiting til Obama is gone so Hillary Clinton won’t get a pardon.

Either way, Donald Trump knows that America has a hell of a lot of Problems to deal with and the Clintons ARE one of the worst.

Let’s show Trump that we have his back by helping him get this shared all across the Internet!!

Source: Libertywritaersnews

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