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Kellyanne Conway’s Stand On The Women’s March Just Blew Off The Liberals!

Donald trump’s White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, recently shared her thoughts on the women’s rally that occurred on Saturday and directly stated that she “frankly didn’t see the point.”

She also said that an influential figure like Madonna, who is also filthy rich, uses her words to instead of her resources to do good and that, in no manner, was her speech acceptable or appropriate.

Although she could have been elegant and bold, Madonna decided to go with profanity. And that is not the worst of it. She never once shared a dime to help the women in need across America.

Instead of doing that, Madonna began cursing and screamed at the White House for..well, basically existing. She was also cheered on by the many angered Trump haters as a result of her public speech.

Conway plans to speak at the March for Life in D.C. Friday.

It is safe to know that Conway herself was raised by a single mother and was part of a working-class family living in Atco, N.J.  Later in life, Conway graduated from Trinity Washington University and George Washington University Law School.

Conway is happily married to her husband George and they have four lovely children.

She is not only influential, she is not a fan of the liberal-state-of-mind whatsoever.

Strong woman, to say the least.

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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