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Kellyanne Goes Hard And Proud On Haters! (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway has a lot on her mind. She did wonders to Trump’s campaign, and is the first woman in American history that run a successful presidential campaign. But, this brought a lot of hatred to her address.

The liberals hate Trump, and now that his victory if confirmed, they hate him even more. Some say he is the modern Hitler, and call him a “racist” or “sexist.” And it’s Kellyanne who has to deal with all this. As Conservative 101 reports, she even received death threats.

It seems like Kellyanne can’t handle it anymore. She revealed details about the way she feels in the interview with Chris Matthews.

“Anytime I defend myself against these specious allegations that are now leading to death threats — so I really resent it,” Kellyanne said.

“Anytime I try to respond, I’m seen as ungracious. ‘Why are we sore winners?’ I’m not a sore winner, I’m a winner. My guy’s a winner. He’s the next president of the United States.”

“This has to stop, this incendiary rhetoric of people who just can’t admit that they lost. They have to stop, because it’s causing a lot of angst,” she added. Here’s the full interview:

What do you think of the people who dare to threaten Kellyanne? How would you describe these acts?

Source: Worldpoliticus

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