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Kid Rock Ruins Chuck Schumer Via Twitter

Kid Rock began his campaign in the famous “Republican” way. Just like Trump he loves the American people and doesn’t care about the elites, he represents the traditional values and he is not brainwashed by the mainstream propaganda. The Rock also uses the social media to get closer to his supporters. Here is his last tweet about Chuck Schumer that will brighten your day.

He is amazing. Stabenow is the Michigan Senator, who is entirely led by the liberal left, and responsible for the whole mess in this state along with Schumer.

Some joked about a small detail about Kid Rock’s dinner:

And others didn’t like his salt and pepper shakes.

The liberals criticized Kid Rock saying he is old-fashioned. He apparently loves senior citizens, and they are saying that like it is a bad thing.

Kid Rock once said, “I came into this business with two middle fingers in the air!” And since people like Hillary, Schumer, M. Waters, Pelosi and many other can represent the people, he can too. And he can do a way better job than them since he is not corrupted.

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