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KILL SHOT! Trump Just Delivered a FATAL BLOW to The New York Times!

The failing New York Times is running an Anti-Trump TV ad tonight during the Oscars. They are desperate to regain their readership, which has been plummeting for years.(Video Below)

The :30 second ad is called, “The Truth is Hard.” The ad concludes by saying, “The truth is more important now than ever,” which is an obvious shot at Trump. Well, Trump just responded by saying what we have all been thinking: IF THEY WOULD JUST DO THEIR JOB, THEY WOULDN’T NEED TO RUN THIS STUPID AD!

He’s so right! Just take a look at their stock price since 2004. IT IS PLUMMETING AND THIS DESPERATE AD WON’T SAVE THEM!

Polls show that the American people Trust Trump more than the media. Trust in the media has never been lower and running Anti-Trump ads won’t help! (Watch The Video and Trump’s Response Below)

H/T Subjectpolitics

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