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Kimmel Writer Offers the Stupidest Reason Ever For Michelle Wolf’s Show Getting Cancelled

On Sunday, a mere two days after it was announced that noted Sarah Sanders critic and faux comedienne Michelle Wolf had suffered the indignity of having her Netflix show canceled, Bess Kalb, writer for Jimmy Kimmel, the Emmys and the Oscars, offered the dumbest explanation yet most predictable reason for the cancellation:

Some of Wolf’s great jokes and perfect sketches have included dressing up in the colors of the American flag while chanting “God bless abortion!”

But then, Kalb has no regard of babies in the womb either:

But Kalb sees the issue clearly; Wolf’s show was canceled because she is a woman. Not because of stupendously unfunny skits like this one (which was deleted even though Kalb insists Wolf’s sketches are perfection):

Kalb’s attempt to resort to trite calls of sexism shouldn’t be surprising; after all, this the same woman whose calm, reasoned perspective has given us tweets like this one:

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