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KNOCKDOWN! Sarah Palin Comes Out With HUGE Accusation Against Kaepernick!

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin can’t stand liberals like Colin Kaepernick and Barack Hussein Obama who live with the idea to divide our country racially.

Guess how she reacted after the Black Lives Matter attacks on a disabled teenager in Chicago? “Kaepernick, Take A Knee Over This One” will probably get your attention. Palin goes hard on liberals who contributed to this:

“President Obama… shush. Just shush with your reaction to this racist attack with claims that race relations have improved under your reign. That is BS. And why, even in this, do you have to make it all about you, all the time? Your suggestion yesterday that there’s some silver lining in this shows how completely out of touch you are.”

Pain continued, “Attacks on the helpless and vulnerable — no matter skin color — are society’s cancer. You still don’t get it. A better reaction is to acknowledge, for one, that your pride and joy hometown of Chicago is a mess. Further, acknowledge that you’ve helped perpetuate a culture that disrespects innocent life by pretending that babies aren’t really babies, so their lives don’t matter; by mocking special needs children on national television (as the President!)…”

Added Sarah, “…by promoting vile gangsta “artists” and their cultural depravity; and by wasting time and public resources instead of using them to better society by, for instance, creating jobs and expecting able-bodied persons to work for self-respect and responsibility instead of incentivizing a lawless, selfish, hard-hearted entitlement culture. You have no credibility when twisting this into somehow being about your “accomplishments.” You fail by making this about you.”

Do you agree with Sarah Palin? What do you think about the current situation?

Source: Worldpoliticus

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