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LA Sheriffs: NPR Reporter Arrested For ‘Interfering’ With Cops As They Tried To Control BLM Protests Outside Hospital

A Los Angeles National Public Radio reporter was arrested early Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriffs said, after she “interfered” with police trying to prevent alleged Black Lives Matter protesters from storming the hospital where two severely wounded LA County Sheriffs deputies were taken following a horrific ambush attack.

Saturday night, two sheriffs deputies, a 31-year-old female and a 24-year-old male, were shot in what law enforcement officials are calling an “ambush attack,” according to earlier reports from the Daily Wire. The pair were sitting in their parked vehicle outside of a train station when they were approached by a suspect who opened fire without apparent cause, leaving the two deputies severely wounded.

The two deputies were taken by ambulance to a local hospital. While the deputies were undergoing emergency surgery, alleged Black Lives Matter protesters moved to block the hospital’s entrances and exits as part of a demonstration. “Witnesses later said that the far-left activists, who shouted outside that they hoped the deputies died, attempted to storm the emergency room where the deputies were taken,” the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reported Sunday.

A number of protesters were arrested in the altercation.

Los Angeles crime reporter Scott Schwebke first noted, early Sunday, that LA’s ABC affiliate had captured the arrest of a reporter, later identified as KPCC’s Josie Huang, on video. The footage shows deputies taking Huang to the ground and handcuffing her before taking her away in a police vehicle.

KPCC’s executive editor, Megan Garvey, confirmed Huang’s identity and noted that she, Garvey, was headed to LA Sheriffs Department headquarters to argue for Huang’s release.

“I’m heading to Lynwood where I sincerely hope @LASDHQ will release @josie_huang immediately. She is a fair-minded reporter respected by everyone who knows her work. She doesn’t even have her phone or wallet with her. Massive thanks to @ABC7 for picking them up off the ground,” she noted.

A number of people on Twitter lashed out at the LA Sheriffs Department for arresting Huang, arguing that her press credentials can be seen hanging around her neck in the ABC footage. The Sheriff’s Department, though, later tweeted that Huang admitted that she was not properly identified.

“After deputies issued a dispersal order for the unlawful assembly of a group of protesters blocking the hospital emergency entrance & exits, a male adult protester refused to comply & cooperate,” LA County Sheriffs tweeted, explaining why Huang was detained. “During his arrest, a struggle ensued at which time a female adult ran towards the deputies, ignored repeated commands to stay back as they struggled with the male and interfered with the arrest.”

“The female adult, who was later identified as a member of the press, did not identify herself as press and later admitted she did not have proper press credentials on her person. Both individuals have been arrested for 148 P.C.,” they noted.

California Penal Code Section 148(a) PC specifically prohibits knowing resisting or interfering with a lawful arrest or other emergency action by a known member of either law enforcement or an emergency medical team.

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