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‘Last Man Standing’ Teaser Takes Jab at ABC After Network Canceled Show Despite High Ratings

‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen got the last word on ABC when he took a subtle jab at the network during a teaser for his revived show, which will be airing on Fox.

Despite the show’s popularity among viewers, ABC canceled it last year to the dismay of many fans. Allen’s show featured characters who broke with the political orthodoxy in Hollywood.

Here’s a typical scene, covering political correctness on college campuses:

While the network claimed it canceled the show for other reasons, many speculated that politics factored into the network’s decision.

Regardless of the reasoning, Fox picked up Allen’s show after seeing Roseanne Barr’s success before ABC also canceled her show over controversial remarks about a former adviser to President Barack Obama.

When Allen previewed the show for Fox, he seemed to flaunt his success in front of ABC.

During a teaser video released on Tuesday, Allen prompted his co-star Nancy Travis to say the word “Fox” multiple times. “Somebody’s going to be happy you said that three times,” Allen said while looking into the camera.


On Twitter, the video received a flood of positive responses:

But the show did seem to have its detractors:

After the show ended, Allen said he was shocked but also claimed the network dismissed the show’s diversity.

“The fact that it showed great diversity of thought and entertainment, they dismissed,” he said. “That didn’t seem to matter. […] I think they made a terrible mistake with a very creative project. It could have done so many things.

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