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Laura Ingraham Destroys Juan Williams For His Endless Trump Slander [Video]

Juan Williams went on an incredibly dumb rant about Trump and his picks for cabinet. Williams started to flat out lie about Trump’s pick Lt. Flynn. Luckily Laura Ingraham was there to call him out.

“Well, I think when you think about someone like Flynn, Americans, Lisa, are concerned when you look at his ties to Russia, his ties to Vladimir Putin. When they think about his ties to Turkey –” said Williams before he was interrupted.

“What are they, Juan? What are you talking about?” asked Ingraham. Juan clumsily said that Lt. Flynn went to a dinner in Russia. Laura was asked for one more statement and she really nailed it.

“Yes. OK. Well, there was a lot said by Juan. But you said team of radicals. This is the kind of stuff that has turned people against Washington, D.C. And these types of lines against true patriots, who sacrificed for their country, who are beloved among the men and women in the military, who actually do the heavy lifting for all of us,” she said.

Mattis, General Mattis, is one of the most beloved Marines of the last 50 years. General Flynn is considered one of the pre-eminent intelligence experts of our age. To throw out these lines, a team of radicals, that serves nobody’s interest,” said Laura.

Check out the video below:

Source: Conservative101

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