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LEAK – Muslims Paid Hillary $28 MILLION To Do THIS, It’s SICK

Just when we thought Hillary Clinton couldn’t get any more revolting, information was revealed detailing another pay-to-play scandal orchestrated by the presidential loser.

While acting as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton accepted a bribe from the King of Morocco of $28 million. The king paid Clinton to target and shut down an American owned-and-operated phosphate mining company.

The Florida-based mining company, Mosaic, was operating phosphate mines in central Florida, but King Mohammed VI wanted his state-owned mining company, OCP, to control the market and force the U.S. to buy from him.

Clinton sent her lackey, Lisa Jackson, who was the then chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, to target the Florida-based company. For her effort, Jackson was rewarded with a seat on the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors. She is also close with John Podesta.

Representative Dennis Ross, a Florida Republican, said he did not understand why Mosaic was targeted. “Now, I know why. An environmental concern never existed. This targeting was all done as a payback to Morocco for donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,” Ross said.

Phosphate is an essential strategic resource that is a vital ingredient in fertilizers used by U.S. farmers. The closing of Mosaic would have destroyed tens of thousands of American jobs while leaving us reliant on foreign producers. Besides Morocco, the only countries that produce phosphate are Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia — an unsavory group.

Phosphorus also has many military applications. White phosphorus is used for smoke cover, trace illumination, and in incendiary munitions.

This newest scandal is just another in a slew of pay-to-play operations that can be traced back to the Clintons. This event is typical of how the Clintons operate, and it illustrates the vast control they once held over our government.

Here, Hillary got paid a substantial sum of money to do a favor for a Muslim king. She was tasked with destroying an American business, and she was able to get help from multiple U.S. agencies, including the EPA and the Department of Homeland Security, which flew planes over Mosaic property in search of environmental concerns.

The fact that Hillary was able to convince so many departments to destroy U.S. jobs shows how far traitors have been able to infiltrate our government. The swamp runs very deep indeed.

President Trump has his work cut out for him. Every wing of the government has become suspect, as Obama had eight years to appoint enemies of the American people.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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