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Leftist Activist Blames Trump For Racist ‘White Mother’ Attacking Elderly Man. That’s Not What Happened.

On the Fourth of July, a elderly Mexican man from the Los Angeles area was brutally beaten with a brick and allegedly told to “go back to your country.”

According to KABC News, Rodolfo Rodriguez passed a woman who looked upset while walking down the street. “The woman pushed him and dropped him. She took the block of concrete and hit him in his head many times,” said one witness. Several other men joined in and helped beat Rodriguez, too, “at times using what appeared to be a brick or a piece of concrete,” the witness added.

Rodriguez suffered a broken cheek bone, ribs, and numerous bruises.

The heartbreaking story instantly went viral, and leftists were quick to blame President Donald Trump for the attack. In one glaring example, leading leftist activist and president of The New Agenda Amy Siskind boldly stated that the unidentified assailant was a “white mother,” adding that the attack was a direct result of the man in the White House. “This is Donald Trump,” she declared.

“A white mother beat a 92-year-old Hispanic man with a brick in the face on Independence Day,” she wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. “He has legitimized the worst of us: ‘Go back to your country, why are you here, bad things.’ F*** racist [White House advisor] Stephen Miller and his $80 sushi.”

But Siskind’s crafted and politically-motivated narrative is false. It turns out that the suspect is a 30-year-old black woman identified by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as Laquisha Jones. Not a “white mother.”

Curiously, Siskind deleted her tweet without explanation. The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra asked the activist about the deletion, but did not receive an answer. He was, however, blocked by Siskind in roughly seven minutes time.

Saavedra also pointed out that this sort of thing has happened before with Siskind. In June of 2017, she claimed a “white man” kidnaped and killed a 17-year-old Muslim woman. The alleged murderer was actually an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, Darwin Martinez Torres, as reported by The Washington Post.

She deleted that tweet, too.

Here’s one final thought from Saavedra:

It’s almost as if facts and reality do not matter to Siskind, so long as she is pushing her agenda.

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