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Leftists Rage After Donald Trump Posts Photoshopped Image Honoring Hero Dog

Anti-Trump leftists reacted negatively on Twitter Wednesday to President Trump’s tweet of a photoshopped image honoring the hero dog that chased Islamic State (ISIS) founder and leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, into a tunnel.
Trump tweeted an obviously photoshopped image depicting him honoring the dog, whose photo was released on Tuesday.

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump wrote alongside the photoshopped image:

However, Trump’s decision to tweet the image, reportedly created by Daily Wire, prompted some to fact-check the obviously doctored image.

“I’ve requested details from the @WhiteHouse on this photo. There was no such canine event on today’s @POTUS schedule but there is a Medal of Honor ceremony set here for later today for an active duty Green Beret,” Voice of America White House bureau chief Steve Herman wrote:

“‘It’s photoshopped,’ acknowledges a @WhiteHouse official. The dog is not here at the @WhiteHouse — yet,” he continued, retweeting a picture of the original image:

Trump’s tweet was not well-received by some on social media:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley said during a press conference on Monday that the dog, a Belgian Malinois, is “still in theater.”

“The dog, the K-9, the military working dog performed a tremendous service as they all do in a variety of situations. Slightly wounded, and fully recovering, but the dog is still in theater, returned to duty with its handler,” Milley said.

“Pentagon officials are also looking to see if the dog is eligible for a Purple Heart but indicated it could depend on the extent of the injuries,” as Breitbart News reported.

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