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Lib Snowflakes In Total Panic After Trump Fires U.S. Attorneys… Newt Silences Them With 1 Fact

It didn’t take long for Jeff Sessions’ request for all 46 remaining Obama-era U.S. attorneys to resign for liberals to freak out in a wholly predictable fashion.

“At a time when Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from major investigations into the Trump campaign, the independence of federal prosecutors could not be more important,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein said, according to Newsmax. “I’m very concerned about the effect of this sudden and unexpected decision on federal law enforcement.”

Much of the attention centered around Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who refused to resign and had to be fired. Bharara, one of the highest-profile U.S. attorneys, had originally been asked to stay on by the Trump administration, at least temporarily.

The New York Times seemed to criticize the firing in a piece titled, “Preet Bharara Shunned Politics. His End Was Tinged by Them.” This is especially humorous considering, as CNBC notes, many are speculating that Bharara decided to make the Trump administration fire him in order to boost an anticipated career in electoral politics.

Former U.X. House Speaker Newt Gingrich has had enough of it. In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” this past weekend, he pointed out that most presidents let go of appointed bureaucrats — in particular U.S. attorneys — to get their own people in there to work for their agenda.

“President Trump is doing what presidents do,” Gingrich said. “He is replacing the other team who opposed him with people who are on his side.

“This goes all the way back to Lincoln, to Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson. The American people elect the president; they get to have the people they want in politically appointed offices.”

“Abraham Lincoln fired 70 percent of the senior bureaucrats in the federal government,” Gingrich added. “He had to get rid of Southern sympathizers and people in place willing to fight a civil war.”

Indeed, as National Review points out, Bill Clinton did a more extensive house-cleaning upon taking office in 1993. He fired 93 out of 94 U.S. attorneys. One of those attorneys, in fact, was a young (well, younger, anyway) whippersnapper from Alabama by the name of Jeff Sessions.

But of course, that was totally justified. Meanwhile, CNN can run stories with titles like “Anger mounts over handling of US attorney firings” where a “law enforcement source” says that “this could not have been handled any worse.” I’m sure that source was a rock-ribbed Republican.

The hypocrisy is rank, but this is nothing new or surprising. Donald Trump could announce tomorrow that he was having eggs Benedict for breakfast and the media would likely wonder aloud if this meant he was showing sympathy for Benedict Arnold, and what this meant about his “Russia ties.” It’s yet another object lesson in why Americans shouldn’t trust the media.

H/T Breitbart

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