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Liberal Shep Smith Gets DEVASTATING NEWS After Months of Trashing Trump – HE’S DONE…

Fox News host Shep Smith once again showed just how anti-Donald Trump he is on Tuesday when he bashed the president on live television. Unfortunately for Smith, however, Fox News fans weren’t having any of it.

Mediaite reported that Smith told his fellow host Chris Wallace he finds it amusing that Trump spoke out against anonymous sources last week, yet the reports from news anchors at the White House for a luncheon today feature sources that were not identified.

Anchors at the luncheon reported that a “senior administration official” said the president is open to comprehensive immigration reform that would necessitate compromise from both sides.

“So they’re giving us anonymous sources after they rail on us for using anonymous sources,” Smith said of the Trump administration. “That is hilarious.”

He added mockingly, “Don’t use anonymous sources except for the ones we send out to you anonymously. Those anonymous ones are awesome.”

Smith went on to ask Wallace if there was any “conflict” at the luncheon between Trump and anchors from networks he did not like. Wallace, however, said the luncheon was actually very “hospitable” and warm, telling Smith that Trump is certainly very different in private settings.

Unfortunately for Smith, Fox News fans have made it clear they are tired of his anti-Trump attitude:

H/T Truthmonitor

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