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Liberals Blocked A Car… Soon Found Out It Was A Diplomatic Vehicle

A video shared on Facebook this month has gone viral, showing some German protesters learning the hard way that blocking a diplomatic vehicle is not a smart idea.

In the incident that happened in Hamburg, Germany, the protesters made a human wall to spread some kind of message, but unfortunate for them they had stopped a diplomatic vehicle.

This year’s G20 Summit in Hamburg awoke a series of protests, that some of them were violent and the security that had a job to protect the lives of diplomats weren’t happy at all.

They showed that there is only one way to break up a roadblock that refuses to break up, and that is to step on the gas.

The driver warned the protesters but they didn’t seem to care, they just clapped.

The driver lost his patience because the protesters didn’t want to break up, so he ran the barricade and smashed one bicycle in the way.

In the United States is the same story, the protesters who are blocking the streets are not that innocent, they are disturbing people’s lives and sometimes that can be harmful.

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