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Liberals Just Did The DUMBEST Thing Possible! Guess Who’s Going To Jail?

Liberals have struck upon a new plan to flagrantly disobey the law and land themselves in jail. Andrew Newman, an English professor at State University of New York Stony Brook, is leading a tax protest. He is encouraging liberals to refuse to pay their taxes. The Truth Monitor reports, Newman plans to only pay his state and city taxes because he does not want any of his money to go to President Trump’s projects or programs.

If he pays his federal taxes Newman argues, “my tax money will be going towards putting up a wall on the Mexican border instead of helping sick people. It will contribute to the destruction of the environment and maybe more nuclear weapons. I think there will be a redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy elite and Trump’s campaign for the working man and woman was an absolute fraud. If you pay taxes you are implicated in the system” reports The Guardian.

Naturally, some of the Hollywood elites are already planning to participate in this tax protest. Mia Farrow tweeted she wasn’t going to permit a penny of her taxes to go toward building “Trump’s insane, insulting wall.”

Mia Farrow may not only be standing “with Mexico,” she may wish she were standing in Mexico when she’s arrested for flagrantly disobeying federal law.

Feminist flag-bearer Gloria Steinem is also planning to join the tax resistance movement. Steinem told The Guardian, “in 1968, we refused to pay the 10% of our Federal income tax dollars that funded the war in Vietnam, and included a letter to the IRS saying so. In February before tax time on March 15, 500 or so of us listed our names in ads that we published in the New York Times, together with a quote [from] Thoreau on Civil Disobedience, and an invitation to join us.”

H/T Worldnewspolitics

What a great idea Gloria. Print the names in the newspaper of the folks refusing to pay their fair share of taxes. How convenient to provide the IRS with a list of folks willfully disobeying the law. It will save the IRS time.

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