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Liberals Rioters Showed Up At Ivanka’s House Last Night, But SHE Got The Last Laugh!

Last night a mob of Liberal rioters showed up to harass First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

They showed up screaming and blasting music and dancing half naked waving rainbow flags KNOWING she has young kids.

They even had the nerve to call it the Climate Justice Dance Party. What total BS! This is just a bunch of losers trying to attack someone they disagree with.

Luckily, however, it was IVANKA who had the last laugh.

While these a$$holes were out yelling and harassing the neighborhood, Ivanka and Jared Kushner were visiting family in New York with the kids.

See? So who look like the dummies now? Uhhhh….THESE FOOLS!

Of course what they are REALLY trying to do is get the neighbors so mad at Ivanka and her family that she gets FORCED out of her house.

H/T Libertywriters

This is something we CANNOT stand by and simply watch. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are good people and they deserve better than they are getting.

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