In Rush Limbaugh’s recent show, he went after Chuck Todd at NBC for thinking that it is okay for them to bash Trump all day long, but when Trump returns the favor it is suddenly an attack on the First Amendment.

“I want to thank F. Chuck Todd of NBC for opening my eyes to this. For the longest time I’ve been genuinely curious why it is that media people think that they cannot be criticized. And they really do. They really think they can go out and research people and they can dig up dirt from anybody they want, their pasts, and they can broadcast it all over. And if somebody’s life, somebody’s marriage, somebody’s relationship, somebody’s kid gets destroyed or ruined, fine and dandy,” explained Limbaugh.

“They can do all of that they want, but you turn it around and you start investigating your favorite journalist to find out how many illegitimate kids he or she might have had in college or how many DUIs they had, you know, or how many communist sympathizer meetings they went to, then all hell breaks loose and they start squealing like stuck pigs, ‘You can’t do that! We’re journalists!’” said Limbaugh.

“‘It’s un-American for Trump to be going out there and trying to do damage to the media. We’ve got First Amendment protection.” Well, so does the president, and the president happens to be mentioned in the Constitution before the media,” continued Limbaugh.

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“Now, as I say, you won’t even get them to admit what they’re doing. You won’t even get them to admit they’re trying to destroy Trump. They come up with some, “No, no, no, no. It is the job of the media to hold powerful people accountable.’ Yeah right,” said Limbaugh. Check out more here.