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Limbaugh Responds To Mueller Report: Here’s Why ‘Comey And His Crew Need To Be Held Accountable’

On his talk radio show on Monday, “The Big Voice on the Right” weighed in on the final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which Attorney General William Barr revealed on Sunday “did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” Now that the “collusion” narrative promoted by the partisan media has been exposed as unfounded, said Limbaugh, it’s essential that James Comey and his colleagues be held “accountable.”

“There is no reason to applaud Mueller,” Limbaugh stressed in Monday. “There is no reason to thank these people who ran this coup for failing. Because they haven’t given up. … This is hideous what these people perpetrated here, and they do not deserve our applause.”

“I think that one of the reasons this investigation was started, the Mueller special counsel investigation, … and one of the reasons it went so long was to distract and cover up the real collusion and conspiracy and criminality from the Obama people, the Hillary people, the Steele dossier, the Russians and all of it,” said Limbaugh.

In a discussion on the “damage” done by mainstream media’s politically motivated reporting on the “collusion” investigation, Limbaugh declared that it’s time to dig into how the investigation into Trump began and call some famous folks to account.

“As soon as I learned about the dossier, that’s all, that’s all there ever has been, that’s all they ever had, and it was totally made up!” he said. “Then I learned that Hillary paid for it, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, and a Democrat committee law firm’s involved in all this? I mean, not charging Hillary Clinton for the obvious crimes that she’s committed because they couldn’t find intent, yet this ongoing effort to destroy Trump.”

“There was no evidence that Comey ever had,” said Rush. “This is why Comey and his crew need to be held accountable.”

“‘We still don’t know what evidence the disgraced James Comey and his FBI had to open the original probe in the summer of 2016 and whether there was anything other than the dossier,'” said Rush, paraphrasing reports. “Yes, we do. There was nothing! And we knew it before the revered Robert J. Mueller III opined on Friday that there wasn’t any collusion. Here’s another report: ‘We don’t know any compelling reason why deputy AG Rod Rosenstein later decided a special counsel was necessary to get to the bottom of the swirling accusations of collusion.’ Yes, we do know why! This is not hard. Trump fired Comey! Comey was to be the secret agent running the operation for the administrative state. Comey was running the operation to get rid of Trump. Trump fired him. Can’t have that.”

“When Trump fired Comey, the Democrats began clamoring that this was evidence that Trump had colluded, that Comey was getting close,” he continued. “They demanded a special counsel! And Rod Rosenstein, who is a member in good standing of the Washington administrative state, immediately complied, even though Rosenstein wrote a memo recommending that Comey be fired. This thing stinks in more ways than you could detect at a pigsty!”

“Trump had the right to fire anybody, and there’s no reason for an investigation when he does. The president can fire whoever he wants any time,” Limbaugh explained. “The price he pays for it is political, if it’s a mistake.”

This is all about a “silent coup” to take down the man the Democrats and the deep state didn’t want in office, said Rush.

“What do you mean, ‘We still don’t know why Rosenstein decided a special counsel was necessary to get to the bottom –’?” he exclaimed. “Yes, we do know why! Because there was a silent coup being run to get rid of Donald Trump, and it is still in operation! It has not been put to bed. It has not subsided. It has not gone dark. It is still right out in the open. You can see it every day on CNN. You can watch this coup take place every day on MSNBC. You can read about the coup every day in The New York Times and The Washington Post. It is ongoing. It will continue now because Mueller left them an opening that he couldn’t actually exonerate Trump on obstruction.”

“Another question was asked,” he added later. “Was it the DOJ, the FBI, and Obama, was it an attempt to rig the election in favor of Clinton, and when that failed, to overthrow a duly elected president? Finding out would mean a criminal probe of Comey and Andrew McCabe. It is obvious that this has not been what they have told us it was from the beginning. It has been a hoax from the beginning.”

Limbaugh also laid out the stunning numbers from analyses of the almost entirely one-sided media coverage of the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative, which included 533,000 articles and 2,284 minutes of news coverage by the “Drive-By Media” over the past two years.

“You think that hasn’t done some damage?” he asked, adding later: “I mean, it’s incalculable the damage that has been done to this country, to the American election system. The damage the media has done to itself is also incalculable, but they are never going to acknowledge it. They’re trying to cover up and in fact justify things they have been engaging in for over two and a half years.”

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