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HIS LITTLE SECRET IS OUT: Obama Used The DOJ To Fund Clinton’s Campaign The ENTIRE Election

Barack Hussein Obama has been exposed for using the Department Of Justice to illegally launder and funnel money into Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign efforts as well as other left-wing groups.

As detailed in Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer released a new GAI report that shows how the DOJ, under direction from Obama, used money obtained by fining financial institutions to fund left-wing liberal causes.

What happened is actually quite simple. We have large financial institutions on Wall Street that have committed financial crimes. In exchange for not prosecuting them, Obama directed the DOJ to offer a “pay-for-play” deal that would allow banks to skirt charges only if they donated large amounts of money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The GAI reports indicate that Obama’s Justice Department has diverted at least $650 million to left-wing groups, including Clinton’s losing campaign in 2016.

Now that Donald Trump will be our President, here are some things we know for sure:

• Our enemies, most of which help fund Hillary’s campaign, will fear us again.
• Thousands of jobs will be coming back to your state.
• The drug cartel and other criminals currently crossing our borders will realize their days are numbered.
• The police will be supported so they can restore law and order.
• The media has been neutered forever.
• The Clinton Corruption is destroyed and rendered powerless.
• The guns in your home will safely stay there.
• Israel will have no doubt that we are truly their ally.
• Iran will not get one more plane full of cash.
• No more apologies to the world for being great!

The list could go on and on, but we clearly see that Donald Trump will save this country from the last eight years of damage Barack Hussein Obama has done.

How does it make you feel to see that Obama used the DOJ to fund Hillary’s losing campaign?

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Source: C. Daily Post

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