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LOL: GOP Chair Flattens DNC Chair For His Pathetic Identity Politicking In One Tweet

On Thursday, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez kept with the identity politics-beat of his party and touted the many Democratic candidates who happen to be female.

Perez posted a YouTube clip with the cringe-inducing title “The Future is Female.” Captioning the video, which features Democrats who happen to be female winning seats, the chair wrote, “Let’s be clear: Women are leading the Democratic Party.” (Feel free to roll your eyes at the pathetic pandering.)

Sadly for Perez, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stepped in to mock the shenanigans and let the air out of the party’s unearned diversity-based “virtue.”

“A woman is actually leading the Republican Party,” wrote McDaniel, captioning Perez’s tweet.

A swing and a miss, Perez!

Perhaps we should care more about what our politicians believe in and stand for, as opposed to celebrating them for simply belonging to a certain gender. Not to mention, it’s insanely patronizing to applaud a woman for simply being female.

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