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LOOK CLOSELY! Hillary Spotted In Public Drunken Stupor, Shocks Onlookers With What Else Is Seen On Her

When Hillary Clinton gave a speech to a women’s group in Pennsylvania on Friday, aide Huma Abedin and her “mystery handler” were close by.

A photographer captured Clinton being helped through the crowd by two leaders of the Society of Irish Women. One had her hand under Clinton’s elbow while the other was grasping Hillary’s upper arm.

Ironically, she was wearing the same outfit as when multiple staffers helped her up a set of stairs in South Carolina last year:

As Clinton was making her way out of the venue, Huma Abedin was spotted, as was Hillary’s “mystery handler” (far left).

It was the same handler who rushed the stage when Hillary was heckled by left-wing protesters during an August Las Vegas appearance.

There was a distinct look of fear on Hillary Clinton’s face as animal rights protesters held up a large banner and yelled near her rally stage.

The man, whom the campaign later claimed was a Secret Service agent, put his arm around Clinton, which was later deemed a breach of protocol.

“You’re okay,” he could be heard saying on the hot mic. “Keep talking,” he said as she stood in silence.

“We’ll handle it. We’re not going anywhere,” he said. “Keep talking.”

“Okay, we’ll keep talking,” Clinton told the audience.

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