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Look What We Found Out About Eric Bolling’s Accuser

There is a saying, if you walk around with a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

It’s coming to light that Eric Bolling’s accuser Caroline Heldman is a far left anti-Trump activist who attended the Women’s march and gave a TED Talk on the “objectification of women.”

Is her latest accusation merely an attempt to slam her feminist hammer on a convenient target on the opposite side of the political spectrum?

Heldman was one of O’Reilly’s accusers as well.

Her pinned tweet appears to boast of taking down O’Reilly like a trophy.

Heldman claims Bolling gave her a tour of his office and told her it was his favorite place to have sex.

When asked why it took her YEARS to come out with this claim, she blamed #sexism.

Heldman claims the GOP is sacrificing country, democracy and party to pass “draconian policies.”

Heldman is a very active Anti-Trump activist as her tweets show. She attended the women’s march where she held a sign that says “good people don’t vote for rapists.”

Heldman is very close to feminist lawyers Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom.

Heldman believes in a 80% tax rate for successful people.


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