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Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Trump Arrived At Army-Navy Game

On Saturday, Donald Trump shows how much he loves our military by attending the annual Army/Navy football game in Baltimore. This was particularly meaningful for our servicemen, since Barack Obama has refused to attend the game during seven of the eight years of his presidency.

IJ Review reported that both Army and Navy supporters celebrated Trump’s appearance at the game by mocking liberals in hilarious ways. Those who were lampooned included the Black Lives Matter movement, Trump’s ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ comment, “safe spaces” and a lot of jokes about goat rape.

Some arrived wearing sweatshirts honoring our next “Secretary of Offense” Mad Dog Mattis.

In just “Hope and Change” has become “Kill ‘Em All.”

Trump was also greeted by a flame-shooting firetruck that had American flags all over it when he arrived at the stadium.

There was lots of love for Trump inside the stadium as well.

Trump loves our troops, and we’re glad to see they love him back! SHARE this story if you stand with Trump AND our military!

Source: Truthmonitor

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