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CONNECT THE DOTS: Look What Happened To Trump Right After Secret Meeting On Tarmac

The dots are slowly being connected regarding the Obama surveillance scandal and it’s not looking good for Barack. The evidence is mounting that there was a massive conspiracy to hurt President Trump.

On June 27th of 2016, Bill Clinton met secretly with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This was a scandal that still has not been resolved.

Lynch did recuse herself from the Clinton email scandal but now it appears that the meeting wasn’t about whether Hillary would go to jail but much more insidious.

Because right after this meeting Loretta Lynch made her first FISA request to tap Trump’s phones. Let that sink in for a minute. Bill Clinton has a secret meeting with the one person in the world who can, all by herself, derail Trump’s campaign.

Which would have installed, not elected Hillary to the highest office in the land. Hillary Clinton would have become the most powerful person in the world. The Clinton cash machine would go on raking in the cash after all the warrants and subpoena’s get tossed in the garbage

What’s really interesting is the FISA request was denied. That court declined just 11 of the more than 33,900 surveillance requests made by the government over 33 years.

The FISA court has denied just .03% of all government FISA requests. That means Lynch’s request, which came after meeting with Bill Clinton, was a piece of garbage. It was a clear attempt to use the Justice Department to go after a political opponent.

Fast forward to October 2016. As the Presidential race tightened and Hillary started to panic, another request from the Obama admin to tap Trump’s phones was submitted to the FISA court.

This was granted because there was a story swirling around the liberal blogosphere about a computer server at Trump Tower being linked to a Russian bank.

No evidence was found, the rumors unfounded, but the wiretaps continued. Andrew McCarthy of the National Review summed it up perfectly saying,

The Obama administration was monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.

This demands an investigation. And if true it will be the biggest scandal in US history.

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