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Look What Obama Did On His Last Night In The White House

Last night was Barack Hussein Obama’s final night in the White House, and eerie photos from the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. compound reveal it took on a ghostly quality as most of the outgoing president’s staff moved out.

The Washington Post reported that a Marine guard left his post outside the West Wing at around 6pm, meaning Obama had left the Oval Office. Right before he left, fireworks went off in Washington D.C. for President-Elect Donald Trump. Obama would have been able to see this display from the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House.

Reporters were permitted to roam the empty hallways of the White House hallways on Thursday as they were accompanied by Secret Service agents. The photos they took show that the offices are empty and ready for Trump’s staffers to move in.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest signed off earlier in the day on Twitter.

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Source: MRC

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