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LOOK: Right After Meeting With Merkel, Trump Gives Her BAD News!

President Trump welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House today, despite her spending the past year trashing him. The globalist chancellor compared him to Hitler and his supporters to Nazis. Well Trump just got REVENGE!

After their White House meeting, President Trump and Chancellor Merkel had a photo-op in the Oval Office. Merkel asked, “Do you want to have a handshake?” and Trump completely ignores her, staring straight ahead. TRUMP WON’T JUST ROLL OVER LIKE PREVIOUS AMERICAN PRESIDENTS! (Watch Video Below)

After bringing in MILLIONS of muslim refugees to Germany, Merkel is expected to lose her re-election this year. She knows that shaking Trump’s hand will help her win over moderates in her country, but Trump doesn’t forget that easily!! 

They also held a Press Conference where Trump DOUBLED DOWN on his America first immigration policies and BASHED the open-borders philosophy of Merkel.

Merkel is responsible for importing MILLIONS of Muslim refugees to Western Europe and she refuses to acknowledge the dangers of Radical Islamic Terrorism. She even shakes her head in disgust Trump is talking about defeating ISIS… WATCH:

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