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LOOK WHO’S BACK! Kellyanne Just Showed Up On Hannity Last Night And RUINED CNN With Just 5 Words

There were all kinds of rumors going around that Donald Trump was mad at Kellyanne Conway and “sidelining” her from the media. After last night’s episode of Hannity, we can confirm with 100% confidence that those rumors are complete and total BS!

Kellyanne came on the show all smiles and was happy to tell Sean Hannity,

“I’m not sidelined. Somebody’s trying to stir up trouble.”

Hmmmm. Now, who could that have been? Well, it was CNN who CLAIMED she had been sidelined. She said they were just JEALOUS because she was “gobbling up other’s TV time!”

And in case you were wondering what REALLY happend, it was pretty damn simple.

“If I’m out for a few days with four kids looking at houses and schools, a lot of my colleagues aren’t trying to figure out how to be a mother of four kids I assure you.”

That’s right. Kellyanne Conway is a SUPERWOMAN. She is a mom of 4, advisor to the President, and the first woman  EVER to run a successful presidential campaign in the United States. No wonder CNN is jealous of her!

H/T Libertywritersnews

So don’t worry too much about Kellyanne, folks, she is just busy being an all around incredible human being. What we can do to help her out is share this out everywhere and let her know we still love and support her.

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