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Looks like Trump dossier firm pulled a fast one when handing over docs to Sen. Judiciary Committee

The research firm behind a dossier of salacious allegations against President Trump turned thousands of pages of documents over to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But the documents from Fusion GPS and its founder, Glenn Simpson, fell short of the committee’s expectations.

“The committee is reviewing the production received late this afternoon from Mr. Simpson, but virtually all of the documents appear to be merely news clippings rather than records of Fusion’s substantive communications,” Senate Judiciary Committee spokesman, George Hartmann, told TheDC.

That’s a problem, all right.

Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley issued a subpoena for Simpson to testify before the congressional committee after the former Wall Street Journal reporter turned down an invitation to do so. The subpoena was withdrawn, however, when Simpson agreed to voluntarily meet with committee staff in a closed session.

Records from Fusion GPS, as well as the Trump campaign, Donald Trump Jr. and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort were requested in July by the committee in its investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the election. Trump Jr. gave the committee 250 documents, Manafort turned over 400 and the Trump campaign gave 20,000 pages of records last week, according to TheDC.

The committee asked Fusion to provide contracts that the firm signed for its work on the dossier as well as contracts and communications connected to its work against the Magnitsky Act, a law imposing sanctions on Russia from 2012.

Grassley is reportedly interested in uncovering who was paying Fusion for its various projects and in shedding light on the dossier, part of which the FBI has used as a basis for its investigation.

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