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Loudmouth Anti-Trump Rioter Blocks the Freeway… GETS HIT BY TRUCK [WARNING GRAPHIC]

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election last week, liberals have shown just what sore losers they really are by launching violent protests all over the country. In this video, a gang of liberal rioters learn the hard way that protesting against Trump isn’t such a good idea…

Mad World News reported that the footage shows a group of protesters from the University of California San Diego blocking fast-moving traffic on I-24 in the middle of the night. Unsurprisingly, one female protester was eventually hit by a car, prompting her fellow rioters to scream “get off the fu**ing freeway!”

What a great idea!

The female protester was lucky in that she was not killed, and was rushed to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. The female driver of the car that struck her reacted by pulling over to the shoulder of the highway. The protesters then surrounded her vehicle and attacking it, busting out her rearview window before police arrived to protect her. The driver was thankfully not hurt in the incident.

This just shows how much chaos liberals are causing all over America.

Loudmouth Anti-Trump Rioter Blocks the Freeway… GETS HIT BY TRUCK [GRAPHIC]

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